Stratford Market Report  05/29/20 9:18:49 AM

Equity Livestock Sales - Stratford                     

Physical Address: 214910 State Highway 97, Stratford, WI 54484
Mailing Addr
ess: PO Box 51, Stratford, WI 54484

Phone: 715-687-4101                                                                    

As of Friday, May 29th, 2020

Fed Cattle                                                           Steady 

High Yielding Choice to Prime grading beef steers & heifers --------    86-90
Choice Beef steers and heifers ------------------------------------------------   82-85
High yielding choice and prime Holstein steers & heifers ---------------  78-82
Select and Choice Holstein Steers & Heifers ------------------------------  71-77
Unfinished Steers & Heifers ----------------------------------------------------   Below 70

Cull Cows                                                       Lower
20% sold from ------------------------------------------------------------------   49-57
0% sold from ------------------------------------------------------------------   38-48
20% sold from ------------------------------------------------------------------   Below 38
Direct Cow prices ------------------------------------------------------------     Call for pricing

Cull Bulls                                                       Steady
Most Market Bulls ----------------------------------------------------------   70-83
thin, full and horned bulls discounted) -------------------------------   Below 70
Calves (sold by the head)                              Stronger
Good To Top Quality Holstein Bull Calves Sold---------------             Mostly 75-160
Top Quality Holstein Heifer Calves -----------------------------------       20-50
Plain Quality Holstein Heifer Calves ---------------------------------        15 & down
Quality Beef Calves -------------------------------------------------------      130-270
Light Weight and Off Quality Calves  ------------------------------          20 &

Feeder Cattle                                          
Beef Steers under 400 lbs. --------------------------------------       95-130
Beef Steers 400 to 600 lbs.   ------------------------------------       90-130
Beef Steers 600 to 800 lbs. -------------------------------------        90-130
Beef Steers over 800 lbs.  --------------------------------------         80-105
Beef Heifers under 400 lbs. -------------------------------------        85-125
Beef Heifers 400 to 600 lbs.  ----------------------------------          85-120
Beef Heifers 600 to 800 lbs.  -----------------------------------         80-110
Beef Heifers over 800 lbs. --------------------------------------         70-100
Holstein Steers under 400 lbs. -------------------------------           50-105
Holstein Steers 400 to 600 lbs --------------------------------          65-95
Holstein Steers 600 to 800 lbs. -------------------------------          65-92
Holstein Steers over 800 lbs.  ---------------------------------          65-87

Mismanaged cattle sell at severe discounts. (non-vaccinated, non-weaned, bulls, horns, thin, old, and poor quality cattle)

Dairy Replacement Cattle                             
Call Market for detailed Pricing:
Special Sale Results from Dairy Sale on March 13th, 2020:
Top end milk cows                              $1400.00 - $1850.00 / Head (221 Head parlor herd)
Top end springing heifers                   $1200.00 - $1585.00 / Head 
Open heifers (all weights) selling mostly from      60-65 / Pound                                                                        

Hog Markets (Sold by the pound)
Butchers --------------------------------------------------------  25-30
Sows ------------------------------------------------------------   20-24.50
Boars ------------------------------------------------------------  12.50
Slaughter Pigs Not Tested  --------------------------------   No Test
Feeder Pigs: (Sold by the head)
          85 lbs.+ ------------------------------------------------------   No Test
          75-80 lbs.  --------------------------------------------------    No Test
          60-65 lbs.  --------------------------------------------------    No Test
          40-45lbs.  --------------------------------------------------     No Test
          25-35 lbs.  --------------------------------------------------    No Test


Equity Stratford has access to Butcher Hogs and are available to purchase. If you are looking to buy any please contact the market at:
715-687-4101. Can sell in single or groups. 


2020 Negative Tested Feeder Pig Schedule:    
-Tuesday, June 9th @ 12:00 Noon!

Our Monthly Sheep and Goat Auction
every 2nd Saturday of the month at 10:30 a.m.


We are suspending the Saturday monthly Sheep and Goat sales at this time. We will continue to sell Sheep and Goats each Wednesday at 11:30 AM

Any questions or consignment please call Logan Edenfield @ 608-477-0154


Sheep & Goat Markets 05/27/2020 
Sheep sold per pound
Feeder Lambs  ------------------------------------------------------------------ (60-100lbs) $135-$172.50
Market Lambs: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------(165lbs) $117.50
Cull Ewes:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (131lbs) $40-44

Cull Rams:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------(90lbs) $40
Goats sold per head

Cull Does  -------------------------------------------------------------(60-105lbs) $50-$125
Cull Dairy Buck ------------------------------------------------------------------------(110lbs) $110
Dairy Kids-------------------------------------------------------------------------(35-60lbs) $25-75
Boer Meat Wethers ----------------------------------------------------------- 60-90 lbs.) $170-$225 



Hay and Straw Markets 5/19/2020                                   
Large Square Hay Bales of Grass Mix     -----------------------------$57.00

2nd & 3rd Crop Alfalfa Large Squares--------------------------------------- No Test

Round Hay Bales of Mix Grass----------------------------------------------- $42.00
Alfalfa Rounds 2nd & 3rd Crop------------------------------------------ $40.00 - $52.00
Small Square Bales of Straw---------------------------------------------$3.25
Small Square Grass Bales 1st Crop------------------------------------ $1.50-$2.50
Small Square Grass Bales 2nd Crop----------------------------------- No Test

(All Hay sold by the bale)



*Hay Sale Held EVERY Tuesday at 10:00am!*

Early Consignments for Tuesday, June 2nd:


*Equity-Stratford Upcoming Sales Schedule!


3rd Annual  Spring Turnout Beef Breeding Bull Sale 
Wednesday June 3rd at 12:00 - Noon 
(Please call in to consign to allow us to advertise and promote for best possible results!)

(1)  Registered Two-Year old Red Simmental bull sired by STF Royal Affair. Reg. # 3448815. Proven breeder with excellent calves on the ground. Top 4% for several carcass traits!!!! Full vaccination program and wormed.

(1) Registered Yearling Black Sim-Angus bull sired by Angus sire RB Tour of Duty. Reg. #3659445 Very good overall EPD profile with expected calving ease, good growth, and maternal characteristics. Full vaccination program and wormed.

(4) Coming 2 year old Black Angus bulls, more information coming soon!

(5) Registered Simmental yearling Simmental bulls from Ohrmundt Simmentals!
    Registration numbers are as folllows: 
ASA# 3653397 Sired by Rugged R Bellagio
ASA# 3653390 Sired by Rugged R Bellagio
ASA# 3653387 Sired by FGAF Guerrero
ASA# 3653411 Sired by CCR Cowboy Cut
ASA# 3653372 Sired by Rugged R Bellagio

**(Ohrmundt bulls did all pass a recent breeding soundness exam)**

(1) Registered Black Angus mature bull, proven breeder with mulitple calf crops on the ground. True calving ease with all births being unassisted. Good disposition. Would work on cows and larger framed heifers!

(2) Purebred Simmental bulls from Woodford’s Simmentals (1) two year old sired by WC Bankroll (proven calving ease, HEIFER SAFE!!!)  and (1) sired by SVS Captain Morgan. VERY FANCY BULLS!!!
(3) Purebred (not registered) Black Angus bulls sired by Onion Hollow Capitalist 527 Reg. # 18306638

(3) Registered Black Angus yearling bulls. Coming from Lazy J's Cattle LLC
Registration Numbers are as follows: 
AAA 19702541 sired by HA Sterling 
AAA 19702542 sired by Onion Hollow Capitalist 527
AAA 19702543 sired by Onion Hollow Capitalist 527

(1) Registered Four year old Black Angus bull -  Auck's Upward 69, Reg# 18489532, proven breeder.

(1) Registered Hereford bull. A proven breeder - Brookview 31S Ultra 82U  Reg# P42944482 

(2) Yearling Angus bulls, (1) Red and (1) Black from a local farm. Sired by a purebred Red Angus bull.

(10)  Replacement quality open beef heifers from a top program. Simmental/Hereford Cross, born in Sept. 2018.          Would make great beef replacement females, ready to breed!

Special Dairy Cattle Sale 
Tuesday June 2nd at 11:00 AM 
Complete Herd Dispersal of 130 Milk Cows & 120 Heifers 
The herd will consist of mostly Holstein cows with a number of Brown Swiss Crosses. The cows come from 70 years of A.I breeding. Cows are left outside daily, not pushed for production with current herd averages of 65# of milk, 3.7 B.F, 3.3 PRO. and 190 SCC. Cows are all A.I Bred to Black Angus bulls.  
The heifers from the herd will range from 400# opens to springing heifers
10 Holstein Breeding bulls weighing 1000#-1400# 
(10) Holstein Bred heifers. Bred 7 months to close up springing. Fully vaccinated!

Special Dairy Cattle Sale 
Tuesday June 16th at 11:00 AM 

Complete Herd Dispersal of 25 Holstein Dairy Cows and 2 Bred Heifers, Milked in a step-up parlor. Grazing Herd with good components. More information coming soon!!!! From Fall Creek, WI. 

Effective December 1st, 2019

*New LOWER Dairy Commission Rate of 5%*



Private Treaty For Sale Listings: 
Dairy  Manager - John Benninger 608-477-7420

Sold:For Sale: (1) Holstein Dairy Bull, out of an A.I sire, vaccinated, docile, 1 year and 9 months of age. Asking $1275 Call John BenningerSold!

 SOLD For Sale: (1) Black Angus Bull 900#'s.  Call John Benninger for more information. SOLD 

For Sale: Pick 75 out of 110 Holstein Dairy cows - Free stall housed, milked in step up parlor, all AI Breeding since 1960, on official Test. Milking 65 lbs., 4.14 BF, 3.19 P, 149 Cell Count.  Asking $1275  Call John Benninger  (More you take the price drops)

For Sale: Pick 20 out of 30 Holstein Dairy cows.  Some red and whites, all bred for spring calving, not pushed, 4.0 b.f. 3.3 pro 175 SCC

For Sale:  Pick 25 Fresh heifers, All A.I. Breeding, full vaccination program, parlor/free-stall housed and raised

For Sale:  5 Holstein fresh heifers. Fresh 30-60 days, 100% Registered, parlor/free-stall housed and raised, fully vaccinated

 SOLD For Sale:  50 Holstein cow complete herd. 40 years A.I. Breeding and on official test, 75# of milk, 3.9 BF. 3.2 Protein, 175 SCC. Herd is free-stall adapted, left out daily, Full herd health done monthly, fully vaccintated. Asking $1,100 SOLD 

For Sale: 6 High quality Jersey springing heifers, asking $1050

For Sale: 20-30 Very Fancy springing Jersey Heifers. Free-stall housed,
some of the best available in a long time!!!!! 

For Sale: 20-30 Very Fancy short-bred  Jersey Heifers. Free-stall housed, very fancy!!!

For Sale:  5 Brown Swiss (3) are springing heifers and (2) are sringing cows coming with 3rd calf. The cows are registered. Very good quality!

For Sale: 10 Holstein Breeding bulls 1100#-1300# (one is a red and white Holstein)



Sunday Barn Hours: 4pm to 8pm
Market Cattle @ 9:30AM - Calves to follow!
Tuesday- Market Cattle will sell @ 11:00AM - Calves to follow!
          Dairy Sales the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays- @ 11:00 AM!             
Wednesday- Market Cattle @ 10:00AM - Calves to follow
            Butcher Hogs, Sheep, & Goats @ 11:30AM
            Feeder Cattle Sale @ 12:00 Noon 

Thursday- Market Cattle @ 11:00AM - Calves to follow



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