Thorp Market Report  01/23/18 10:39:41 AM

*EQUITY- Thorp Upcoming Sales!*
NEW SCHEDULE: 2nd & 4th Tuesday of Every Month
Sale Results At Thorp/Horst Stables Dec 12th
Top Cows: $1500 to $2000
Good Cows: $1000 to $1400
Average to Poor: $1000 and down

Holstein Springing Heifers!
Top Springers- $1,100 to $1,375                                                                    
Good Springers $1,000 to $1,200
Hol Shortbreds- $750 to 975.00
Hol. Open heifers ready to be bred $700 to $800

Hol. Open heifers 500 to 600lbs $500  to $660


Next Auction Tuesday, January 23rd 11:00am Start

Complete Herd Dispersal: #1 (120 head)
(62) Holstein/ Few Crosses Dairy Cows, Parlor Freestall, AI Breeding, Select Sires, Cows are not pushed, Bulk Tank Averages 65 lbs of milk, 4.3 B.F., 3.3 Pro., 160 SCC, Cows will be officially tested before sale.

(60) Holstein Heifer from Calves to Springing- Stolkholm, WI

Complete Herd Dispersal #2 
(25) Holstein Dairy Cows, All Stages of Lactation, Not pushed, No TMR - Eland, WI

Early Consignments:
(3) Just Fresh Holstein Dairy Cows - Thorp
(20) Very Good Quality Holstein Springers, All AI Breeding, Freestall Adapted and Full Vacc. Program. Coming out of one of the best herds we’ve sold!
(3) Holstein Dairy Cows 1st Lac Bred back and milking 75lbs to 80lbs Low cell Count-Medford

Hay/ Straw Early Consignments:
(60) Bales Canadian Wheat Straw, Feed Quality
(45) Square Bales, 2nd Crop Alfalfa
(30)  Square Bales, 3rd Crop Alfalfa / Grass Mix
(26) Square Bales, 1st Crop Alfalfa / Grass Mix
(20) Bales, 2nd Crop Alfalfa / Grass Mix
(14) Bales Bean Bedding




*Herd #1: 56 Holstein Dairy Cows Pick 50/ Tank Ave 60lbs
milk, 3.65 B.F. Pro 3.0 SCC 200 (20 will be fresh in SEPT)
Full Vac Program, Herd Health done every Month! $1,450.00 per Head!

*Herd #2: Pick 60 out of 80 head tie stall milked, loose housing, pasture, outside everyday, not pushed, 65lb. tank avg. Priced to sell $1,375.00

For more information please call Chuck Sova: 715-562-0178

*Herd #3: 100 head of Parlor Freestall Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss & Crossed Cows.  Tank Avg 65 lbs milk, 130 SCC, 3.9 BF, 3.15 Pro. Full vacc program, herd health monthly. Overstocked! Can pick with a few exceptions. $1,375
For more information please call Chuck Sova: 715-562-0178 

*(6) Bred Belted Galloway Cows & Heifers: AI bred to calve in spring!
For more information please call Chuck Sova: 715-562-0178

*(1) Registered Holstein Jumper Bull VERY NICE QUALITY!
Dams 2nd Lac did 34388 lbs of milk: $950.00

*(6) Holstein Springing Heifers, Full Vac and Bred black Angus!!

*Red and White Holstein Jumper Bulls 800 to 1000lbs Very Good Quality! $1,275.00
Call Manager John Benninger at 608-477-7420

Field Rep. Chuck Sova at 715-562-0178
Field Rep. Steven Ray Martin at 715-562-0235
~All dairy cows to be udder washed, brushed, & cataloged!~
~Full washing & clipping available!~
~Cows will be milked after being sold



 N13653 County Road M
Thorp, WI 54771
Phone: 608.477.7420
Market Manager: John Benninger 608-477-7420


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