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1684 13 ½ Avenue, P.O. Box 7

Barron, WI 54812
Phone: 715-537-5618
Fax: 715-537-3497


Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association continues to keep the health and safety of employers, producers, and buyers its top priority.
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Market Manager:
Allen Stager
cell: 608-477-5825
Regular sales Wednesday at 12:00 p.m.
Slaughter Cows Wednesday at 12:00 p.m.
Feeder Cattle Wednesday following cows
Fed Cattle Wednesday at 12:00 p.m.
Calves: Wednesday following cows
Sheep and Goats:                   Every 3rd Saturday at 10 a.m.Every Wednesday before Calves
Slaughter Hogs: Wednesday before Calves
Please call to consign your cattle @ 715-537-5618 or Allen @ 608-477-5825

We receive cattle on Tuesday's from 8 am to 5 pm.

Market Report:     As of Wednesday May 11th 2021
Fed Cattle              
Choice Beef Steers & Heifers   Top 142.00
Choice Dairy X Steers & Heifers   110.00-135.00
High Yielding Choice Holstein Steers   Top 133.50
Choice Holstein Steers   110.00-124.00
Select, Unfinished & Heavy weight strs & hfrs   109.00 & down
Cull Cows    Top 96.00
20% sold from   78.00-91.00
60% sold from   58.00-77.00
20% sold below   57.00 & Down
Cull Bulls    
Most Bulls   Top 103.00
(Thin, full and bulls over a ton discounted)    
Calves (Sold by the Head)    
80% of Holstein Bull Calves 95# and up   40.00-125.00
Quality Holstein Heifer Calves   30.00 & Down
Quality Beef Calves 95# and up   75.00-225.00
Light and Poor Quality Holstein Calves   40.00 & down
Sheep Sold by the Pound    
Feeder Lambs 40-71#    
Feeder Lambs 71-100#    
Fat Lambs over 101#    
Cull Ewes    
Cull Rams    
Goats Sold by the Pound    
Dairy Kids under 50#    
Dairy Does    
Dairy Bucks    
Meat Kids Under 50#    
Meat Does    
Meat Bucks    
Sheep and Goat Sale Every 3rd Saturday

Next Special Sheep and Goat and Small Animal Back to Farm Beef  Sale May 21st 2022

Back to Farm Beef
6 Blk Strs & Hfrs 500-600#
1 Belted bull 600#
LOTS of GOOD Breeding bulls
18  Bred Bf Cows
20 Bred Bf Cow
1 Highlander Bull

Sheep and Goat
2 Dairy Wethers
11 Bred Does due in fall mixed breeds
3 Alpine Wethers
1 Alpine Buck
1 Nigerian Dwarf Buck Kid
1 Nigerian Dwarf Doe Kid
2  3 Month old Alpine Doeling
2 Bottle Baby Nubians
1 30# Nubian Kid
1 50# Nubian Kid
1 70# Nubian Goat
25 Katahdin Sheep
10 Fat Lambs
25 Feeder Lambs

Small Animal
NOTICE:  Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association works closely with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection to preserve the health of our livestock in Wisconsin and our surrounding states. Due to the recent outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in Wisconsin, Equity Livestock will not accept any poultry animals for small animal sales at our locations until further notice.  This includes the Barron Market on Saturday, April 16. Equity Livestock encourages all livestock producers to review their biosecurity plans to ensure they are taking adequate precautions to help prevent the spread of disease.  Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection has more information on HPAI at:

3 Guinea pigs
2 Rabbits
Sale Times      
Wednesdays @ 12:00 p.m.
For more information or questions call Al at: 608-477-5825
Thank You,
Allen Stager,
Market Manager
Customer Testimonial:   "Selling cattle 32 years in Barron & very satisfied." - Bruce Rundhaug, Cameron, WI
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