Barron  12/03/20 9:03:59 AM

1684 13 ½ Avenue, P.O. Box 7

Barron, WI 54812
Phone: 715-537-5618
Fax: 715-537-3497

Attention Patrons. WE ARE OPEN AND CONDUCTING NORMAL SALES. Following state issued guidelines for the safety and well being of our patrons and employees.

Mask Required

In order to comply with Covid19 Governmental orders and for the protection of all our employees, sellers, buyers and truckers, Equity Livestock will continue to limit admission into the markets to essential personnel only. 

Please No Spectators or Children

Please see Equity's home page ( for more details




Market Manager:
Allen Stager
cell: 608-477-5825
Regular sales Wednesday at 11:30 p.m.
Slaughter Cows Wednesday at 11:30 p.m.
Feeder Cattle Wednesday Following cows
Fed Cattle Wednesday at 11:30 p.m.
Calves: Wednesday Following cows
Sheep and Goats:                   Every 3rd Saturday at 10 a.m.Every Wednesday after Calves
Slaughter Hogs: Wednesday after Calves
Please call to consign your cattle @ 715-537-5618 or Allen @ 608-477-5825


As of March 30th we have temporaily suspended our Monday sale in response to the current COVID-19 situation. 
Market Report:     As of Wednesday December 2nd 2020
Fed Cattle  
Choice Beef Steers & Heifers No Test                    
High Yielding Choice Holstein Steers 85.00-94.00
Choice Holstein Steers 80.00-85.00
Select, Unfinished & Heavy weigh strs & hfrs 78.00 & Down
Cull Cows TOP 52.50 
20% sold from  42.00-52.00
60% sold from 35.00-42.00
20% sold below 35.00
Cull Bulls  
Most Bulls   65.00-75.00
(Thin, full and bulls over a ton discounted)  
Calves (150# & Under Sold by the Head) TOP 120.00
Holstein Bull Calves 95# and up 50.00-112.00
Light and Poor Quality Holstein Calves 50.00 & Down
Quality Holstein Heifer Calves No Test
Quality Beef Bull Calves 95# and up No Test
Quality Heifer Beef Calves 50.00-120.00
Feeder Cattle  
Holstein Steers No Test
Holstein Heifers No Test
Beef Bulls No Test
Beef Steers No Test
Beef Heifers No Test
Sheep & Goats:  November 14th Sale
Feeders 40lbs-70lbs          200.00-240.00
Feeders 71lbs-100lbs 175.00-225.00
Fed Lambs 101lbs-140lbs  150.00-180.00
Cull Ewes   95.00-145.00
Cull Rams 110.00-215.00
** GOATS SOLD BY THE Pound**  
Dairy Billy Goats No Test
Dairy Cull Nannies  120.00-185.00
Dairy Kid (30-65 lbs) 100.00-160.00
Dairy Doe Goats (66-90 lbs)  120.00-185.00
Boer Billy Goats No Test
Boer Cull Nannies 145.00-195.00
Boer Doe Goats (66-90 lbs) 200.00-300.00
Boer Kids (30-65 lbs) 200.00-300.00
Sheep and Goat Sale Every 3rd Saturday
No Small Animal Sale until Further Notice

Limited Seating Please No Spectators and Please No Children

Next Special Sheep, Goat, And Hay Sale is December 19th

Hay Sale

Sheep and Goat
16 Feeder Lambs
20 Feeder Lambs (70-90#)
Sale Times      
Wednesdays @ 11:30 a.m.
For more information or questions call Al at: 608-477-5825
Thank You,
Allen Stager,
Market Manager
Customer Testimonial:   "Selling cattle 32 years in Barron & very satisfied." - Bruce Rundhaug, Cameron, WI
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