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USDA CME Nonfat Dry Milk Trade                     10/12 12:05


     Nonfat Dry Milk - CME Group - Cash Trading

     Report 41 - Released on October 12, 2018

     *** NOTICE: As of July 30, 2018, Dairy Market News no longer publishes CME 
Group sale, bid,
     or offer trading activity. Five days of trading information can be found at ***

     CME Group, CHICAGO, IL

        Daily Cash Nonfat Dry Milk Trading on Friday, October 12, 2018

               (Carlot Unit = 41,000-45,000 lbs.)
     NONFAT DRY MILK   :     CLOSE              :    CHANGE
                       :                        :
     GRADE A           :     $0.8675            :    -0.0025
                       :                        :
     SALES:                    NONE

     BID UNFILLED:             NONE

     Close represents US $ per pound. Change is price change from previous 
     Notice: Trading is reported in price order from low to high and may not 
represent actual
     trading sequence.
     Source: CME Group, Chicago, IL
     Information disseminated by USDA, Dairy Market News - Madison, WI
     (608) 422-8587
     USDA/AMS/Dairy Market News, Madison, Wisconsin
     Dairy Market News website:

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