Barron Market Report  11/15/17 3:58:53 PM

Barron Market will be closed on Novemeber 22th, 2017
!!Happy Thanksgiving!!

As of:  Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

Fat Cattle                                                              Top  106
Choice Beef Steers & Heifers  
High Yielding Choice Holstein Steers 82-88.5
Choice Holstein Steers 71-81
Select, Unfinished & Heavy weigh strs & hfrs 62-70
Cull Cows                                                                Top  60
20% sold from                            53-59
60% sold from 41-52
20% sold below 39 and down

Cull Bulls
Most Bulls                                               60-70
(Thin, full and bulls over a ton discounted)

Calves (150# & Under Sold by the Head)
80% of Holstein Bull Calves 95# and up 100-105
Light and Poor Quality Holstein Calves 20-95
Quality Holstein Heifer Calves 70-100
Quality Beef Bull Calves 95# and up 150-170
Quality Heifer Beef Calves 120-150

Feeder Cattle
Holstein Steers 400-600lbs 40-70
Holstein Heifers 400-600lbs 50-80
Holstein Steers 800-1100lbs 60-74
Holstein Hefiers 800-1100lbs 60-73
Beef steers 400-600lbs 70-145
Beef Heifers 400-600lbs 80-135
Beef Steers 800 and up no test
Beef Heifers 800 and up no test

Dairy Cattle

2nd Wednesday of every month @ 1pm.
Hay Sale 2017-2018 Schedule:

Mondays following the livestock sale

Early Consignments are welcome & appreciated!
Nov.  27th
Dec.  18th
Jan.  29th
Feb.  26th
Mar.  26th
Apr.  30th
Sale Times      
Mondays @ 12pm
Wednesdays @ 11:30am
For more information or questions call Al at: 608-477-5825
Thank You,
Allen Stager,
Market Manager
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