Marion Market Report  11/14/17 10:05:35 AM

As of 11,13,17
Fed Cattle  
High Yielding Choice Beef Steers &Heifers 109 to 116
Choice Beef Steer & Heifers 102 to 108
High Yielding Choice Holstein Steers 83 to 87
Choice Holstein Steers 78 to 82
Select or Unfinished Steers & Heifers 72 and back
Actual Sales Type/Hd Count/Ave Weight/Price  
Actual Sale  
Actual Sale  
Actual Sale  
Actual Sale  
Groups of Cattle by Producer  
  Cattle that are unfinished may sell as feeder cattle at a discount to finished markets
Cull Cows(steady)  
20% sold from 48 to 53
60% sold from 40 to 47
20% sold below 39 and down
Cull Bulls  
Most Bulls
64 to 71.50
Calves (Sold by the Head)  
Quality Holstein Heifer Calves up to 70
Quality Beef Calves up to 280
Light and Poor Quality Calves 50 and down
Good Quality Baby fat Bull Calves  (90 - 120) 95 to 110
Second Cut Bull Calves (Young, etc) (75-120) 90 and down
Feeder Cattle  11- 13-17 call market
Beef Steers under 400 lbs.  
Beef Steers 400 to 600 lbs.  
Beef Steers 600 to 800 lbs.  
Beef Steers over 800 lbs.  
Beef Heifers under 400 lbs.  
Beef Heifers 400 to 600 lbs.  
Beef Heifers 600 to 800 lbs.  
Beef Heifers over 800 lbs.  
Holstein Steers under 400 lbs.  
Holstein Steers 400 to 600 lbs.  
Holstein Steers 600 to 800 lbs.  
Holstein Steers 800 to 1100 lbs  
Holstein Heifers 400 to 600 lbs  
Holstein Heifers 600 to 800 lbs  
Notes: Call the Market for pricing 715-754-5229
or 608-477-1463

Dairy Replacement Cattle Cows and Hfers
Buying Dairy Cattle In country on farm  
For any questions please call 715-754-5227
Hogs 11-13-17
Butchers 52 and down
Light Sows 40 and down
Heavy Sows 47.50 and down
Boars up to 22
Feeder Pigs(by the head) 22.50 and down
Finished Market Lambs up to
Feeder Lambs up to 107.50
Ewes up to 49
Rams up to 50
Wednesday Direct Market  
All Prices are to be given in the meat / Head Count  
For any questions Please call the Office 715-754-5227
Nannies up to 135 per head
Billies up to 105 per head
Buck up to 75 per head
Kid up to 27.50 per head



.SALE TIME:Monday Night we will be starting our sale at 5:30 p.m. with sheep, goats, Sows and the boars to follow directly after. Anybody that is interested in selling or buying calves note that our calf sale starts at 6 pm with butchers and feeder pigs to follow right after. We then sell the feeder cattle with the bulls fats and cows to follow that.. Wednesday Sales are silent auction with calves and grade and yield with cattle.  We will be open and excepting calves and cattle on Weds from 9 am to 2:30 pm The Monday night Auction is Your SOURCE for Dairy & Beef type Feeder Cattle! Always a good Selection! Please note sale change: We will no longer be holding dairy sales during the months on a regular schedule unless advertised. Though there will no longer be a dairy sale we are still looking for springing, fresh cows or heifers, and complete herds. We are willing to come to the farm to look at your cattle! For this and other information contact the market at 715-754-5227 or Timm Gildernick @ 608-477-1463 Thank You

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