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USDA National Sheep Summary                        11/15 15:55

San Angelo, TX    Thu Nov 15, 2018    USDA Market News

National Sheep Summary for Thursday, November 15, 2018

   Compared to last week at Ft. Collins, CO slaughter lambs sharply
higher; slaughter ewes sharply higher; feeder lambs steady.  No sales
in Equity Electronic Auction.  ****Due to the Thanksgiving holiday
next week this report will not be published.****
Slaughter Lambs:  Choice and Prime 2-3 90-150 lbs:
  Ft. Collins:    wooled 110-125 lbs 129.00-135.00, few 148.00; 130-140
                  lbs 123.00-127.00.
  Kalona, IA:     no test.
  Virginia:       no test.
  Equity Elec:    no sales.
Slaughter Lambs:  Choice and Prime 1-2:
  Ft. Collins:    47 lbs 202.50; 50-60 lbs 190.00-209.00; 60-70 lbs
                  161.00-179.00; 70-90 lbs 132.50-147.50; 90-110 lbs
  Kalona, IA:     no test. 
  Virginia:       no test.
Slaughter Ewes:
  Ft. Collins:    Good 3-5 (very fleshy) 60.00-70.00; Good 2-3 (fleshy)
                  54.00-65.00; Utility 1-2 (thin) 20.00-28.00; Cull 1
                  (extremely thin) no test.
  Kalona, IA:     Good 3-4 (very fleshy) no test; Good 2-3 (fleshy)
                  no test; Utility and Good 1-3 (medium flesh) no test;
                  Utility 1-2 (thin) no test; Cull 1 no test.
  Virginia:       Good 2-4 no test.
Feeder Lambs:     Medium and Large 1-2:
  Ft. Collins:    66 lbs 157.50; 87 lbs 131.00.
  Kalona, IA:     no test.
Replacement Ewes:  Medium and Large 1-2:
  Ft. Collins:    no test.
  Kalona:         no test.
Sheep and lamb slaughter under federal inspection for the week to date
totaled 31,000 compared with 31,000 last week and 33,000 for last year.

Source:  USDA Market News Service, San Angelo, Texas
         Rebecca Sauder 325-653-1778

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