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USDA National Sheep Summary                        02/21 15:50

San Angelo, TX    Thu Feb 21, 2019    USDA Market News

National Sheep Summary for Thursday, February 21, 2019

   Compared to last week at Ft. Collins, CO slaughter lambs not well
tested; slaughter ewes steady; feeder lambs not well tested.  No sales
in Equity Electronic Auction.
Slaughter Lambs:  Choice and Prime 2-3 90-150 lbs:
  Ft. Collins:    wooled 150-190 lbs 127.50-140.00.
  Kalona, IA:     no test.
  Virginia:       no test.
  Equity Elec:    no sales.
Slaughter Lambs:  Choice and Prime 1-2:
  Ft. Collins:    50-60 lbs 230.00-235.00; 60-70 lbs 227.50-242.50; 70-
                  80 lbs 207.50-215.00; 80-85 lbs 200.00-207.50; 90 lbs
  Kalona, IA:     no test.
  Virginia:       no test.
Slaughter Ewes:
  Ft. Collins:    Good 3-5 (very fleshy) 72.50-80.00; Good 2-3 (fleshy)
                  70.00-82.50; Utility 1-2 (thin) 40.00-50.00; Cull 1
                  (extremely thin) no test.
  Kalona, IA:     Good 3-4 (very fleshy) no test; Good 2-3 (fleshy)
                  no test; Utility and Good 1-3 (medium flesh) no test;
                  Utility 1-2 (thin) no test; Cull and Utility
                  1-2 (very thin) no test; Cull 1 no test.
  Virginia:       Good 2-4 no test.
Feeder Lambs:     Medium and Large 1-2:
  Ft. Collins:    no test.
  Kalona, IA:     no test.
Replacement Ewes:  Medium and Large 1-2:
  Ft. Collins:    no test.
  Kalona:         no test.
Sheep and lamb slaughter under federal inspection for the week to date
totaled 30,000 compared with 30,000 last week and 30,000 for last year.

Source:  USDA Market News Service, San Angelo, Texas
         Rebecca Sauder 325-653-1778

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