ECLSA Preferred Stock Offer  12/12/23 3:44:17 PM

Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association

Preferred Stock Offer


Thank you for your interest in Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association (ECLSA). In March 2011, the Regional Board of Directors of ECLSA authorized the issuance of approximately 4,000 shares of 1,000 par value Class B Preferred Stock.


Class B Preferred Stock must be purchased in $1,000 increments. Dividends are preferential, non-cumulative, and will be paid at the prime lending rate less 25 basis points. In addition, the dividend rate is subject to a 3.00% floor and a 7.00% ceiling. On an annual basis, dividends will be paid after declaration and approval by the Regional Board of Directors.


If you choose to invest, please complete and return the following items to our Baraboo office:


If you would like more information before investing, please contact the accounting department at 1-800-362-3989 with any questions or to request a private placement memorandum, which includes a history of our company, details on the offering, and associated risk factors.  Also included in the memorandum packet are our most recent audited financial statements, articles of incorporation, bylaws, a subscription agreement, and an IRS Form W-9.


Per the Investment Procedures on page eight of the private placement memorandum, ECLSA will review the subscription agreement and accept or reject it within 30 days of receipt.


We appreciate your interest in ECLSA. Please contact the accounting department at 1-800-362-3989 if you have any questions.

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