Agricultural Loans  04/12/24 10:40:55 AM

Equity Livestock Credit Corportation (ELCC)

Equity Livestock Credit Corporation (ELCC) offers a tailor-made Loan Program to fit a farmer's individual agricultural needs and or future needs. Funds are available for general operating, machinery and livestock. On occasion, we are able to finance land purchases and/or improvements as well. Term loans can be amortized over up to seven years and short-term loans can run from a month to a year. 

Depending on a farmer's source of revenue, payments can be scheduled from monthly to annually or a combination thereof. In many cases, short-term loans and loans up to three years to maturity can include a flexible revolving feature. Rates are competitive and based on the merits of each individual application. 

The basic information required to process most applications is a current financial statement and three year's worth of federal tax returns. 

We are focused expressly on agriculture and are committed to helping our customers achieve their unique financial goals.

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