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                                                                                                                    214910 State Highway 97,
PO Box 51, Stratford, WI 54484
                                                                                                                  Phone: 715-687-4101
                                                                                                                   Fax: 715-687-3273




 Market Manager: Logan Edenfield 
Cell Phone: 608-477-0154

Dairy Sales: Wade Schoneck
Cell Phone: 715-562-0211
Market: 715-687-4101

Dairy Sales/ Field Service: Wade Schoneck
Cell Phone: 715-562-0211

Trucking Dispatch:  

Wade Schoneck: 715-562-0211


Regular sales: Monday through Thursday

Monday:                Overnight Cattle (cows, fed cattle, and bulls) @ 10:00 a.m. Calves start @ approx. 11:30 a.m.
Tuesday: Market Cattle @ 11 a.m., Calves to follow.  Dairy Cattle sell @ 11 a.m. (1st & 3rd Tuesday)
Market Cattle @ 10:30 a.m., Butcher Hogs, Sheep, & Goats @ 11:30 a.m.
Feeder and Beef Replacement Cattle @ 12:30 PM, Calves following the feeder sale
Thursday: Market Cattle (cows, fed cattle, and bulls) @ 11 a.m.; Calves @12:00 Noon


Feeder Cattle: Every Wednesday at 12:30 PM
Fed Cattle: Monday through Thursday
Feeder Pigs: 2nd Tuesday of the month at noon
Butcher Hogs: Every Wednesday at 11:30 AM
Calf Auctions: Every Monday - Thursday
 NoSelling Certified Organic Cattle & Hay Each Tuesday  
Hay sale Every Tuesday at 10:00 AM  /  Cattle Sale at 11:00 AM
Cattle accepted Monday night until 10 PM and Tuesday until sale time.
Please have cattle to the market before start time. Things to remember: Bring your certificate with your first load
and have your cattle ear tagged.
Please call the market for more information or to schedule a farm visit.

Livestock Health and Supplies Catalog
  Click here to open the Catalog to order vaccines and other livestock supplies  

                                         Change in Hog Sale Schedule


Feeder Pigs Time Butcher Hogs Time
2nd Tuesday of the month 12:00 Noon Every Wednesday 11:30am


Phone: 715-687-4101  -  Fax: 715-687-3273 - Email:

Normal yard open receiving hours: for pickup/drop off
Sunday:  4 PM - 8 PM delivery
Monday:   6 AM - 10 PM  For after hours loading please call the Market
Tuesday:    6 AM - 10 PM  For after hours loading please call the Market
Wednesday:   6 AM - 10 PM  For after hours loading please call the Market
Thursday: 6 AM - 10 PM For after hours loading please call the Market
Friday:     6 AM - Noon



Equity Livestock Sales - Stratford


As of Friday, March 1, 2024

Fed Cattle (Sell most on Wednesdays) (Results from Wed. Sale)
High Yielding Choice to Prime Grading Beef Steers & Heifers 162-173.50
Choice Beef Steers and Heifers 150-161
High yielding choice and prime Holstein Steers & Heifers 155-165
Select and Choice Holstein Steers & Heifers  140-154
Unfinished Steers & Heifers Below 140
Cull Cows    
20% sold from                                                                                         105-121 Top of 128
60% sold from 85-104
20% sold from Below 85
Direct Cow prices Call for pricing
Organic Market  
Good Certified Organic cows (for slaughter purposes) 140-157
Plainer quality, Lower Quality 139 and down
Organic Market Bulls  No Test   
Organic Steers and Heifers  No Test 
Cull Bulls  (Most Sold on Wednesday)  
Most Market Bull 110-126.50
(thin, full and horned bulls discounted) Below 110
Calves (sold by the head)  
Good To Top Quality Holstein Bull Calves Sold 500-700 
Top Quality Holstein Heifer Calves 150-320
Plain Quality Holstein Heifer Calves 145 and Down
Good Quality Beef Calves 600-890
Light Weight and Off Quality Calves 150 & down
Feeder Cattle  
Beef Steers under 400 lbs 210-300
Beef Steers 400 to 600 lbs 200-290
Beef Steers 600 to 800 lbs 170-200
Beef Steers over 800 lbs 140-185
Beef Heifers under 400 lbs 195-290
Beef Heifers 400 to 600 lbs. 160-235
Beef Heifers 600 to 800 lbs 150-215
Beef Heifers over 800 lbs 140-175
Holstein Steers under 400 lbs 160-222.50
Holstein Steers 400 to 600 lbs 150-205
Holstein Steers 600 to 800 lbs 150-200
Holstein Steers over 800 lbs 140-175
Cow/Calf pairs  1450-1800

.Mismanaged cattle sell at severe discounts. (non-vaccinated, non-weaned, bulls, horns, thin, old, and poor quality cattle)

Dairy Replacement Cattle
Call Market for detailed Pricing: 

Top end milk cows:                        1850-2100 /hd                                               
Springing Heifers                          1500-1850 /hd                                   
Open Heifers Under 500#                                                              
Open heifers 500-700#                                                                  
Open heifers 700-900#                                                                  


Hog Markets (Sold by the pound)  
Butchers No Test
Sows  50-59
Boars  12 and down
Slaughter Pigs  No Test
Feeder Pigs: (Sold by the head)  PLEASE CALL THE MARKET   
85 lbs.+ No Test 
70-80 lbs. 48.00/head
60-70 lbs No Test
45-55lbs. 27.00/head
25-35 lbs 15.00/head

2024 Negative Tested Feeder Pig Schedule:
March 12, 2024 @ Noon
April 9, 2024 @ Noon
May 14, 2024 @ Noon


Sheep & Goat Markets 2/28/2024  
Sheep sold per pound  
Feeder Lambs 120-150
Market Lambs 90-130
Cull Ewes 25-30
Cull Rams 60-80
Goats sold per head  
Cull  Does  160-310/head
Cull Buck Goats 70-85/head



Hay and Straw Markets 2/27/2024  
Large Square Grass Mix $110-$170/bale
Large Square Bales 2nd & 3rd Crop Alfalfa $120-$170/bale
Large Square Bales of Rye Straw $70-$80/bale
Round Hay Bales of Grass $70-$95/bale
Small Round Bales (Grass Hay) 4x4 $60-$70/bale
Alfalfa Rounds 2nd & 3rd Crop $80-$110/bale
Small Square Bales of Straw $3.00-$3.25/bale
Small Square Bales Hay (new crop first & second crop) $4.25-$5.00/bale
Round Cornstalk Bales or Soybean bales 
(All Hay sold by the bale)



*Equity-Stratford Upcoming Sales Schedule!


*Hay Sale Held EVERY Tuesday at 10:00am!* 

NEXT SALE Tuesday, March 5th, 2024
(15) Large square bales of 3rd crop alfalfa grass



                             Next Dairy Cattle Sale

             Tuesday, March 5th at 11:00am

Early Consignments:

                         Next Feeder Cattle Sale 

              Wednesday, March 6th at 12:30pm

Early Consignments:  


For Sale Private Treaty:

New Listing:  1 Charolais Cross Breeding Bull.  For more information contact Wade at: 608-485-1491

New Listing:  1 Angus Cross Limousin Bull.  For more information contact Wade at: 608-485-1491

New Listing:  Complete Herd Dispersal- 60 Holstein Dairy Cows, Tie-stall milked, left out on pasture during the
summer.  Fed silage and haylage, closed herd since 1998, 24,000# herd avg. All A.I. bred and Sired. Cows are
either bred to Sexed Semen or are bred Angus. For more information contact Timm Gildernick at: 920-858-1368

New Listing:  140 head of high quality Jersey cows. The cows are parlor milked and free-stall housed.
All Registered and classified!  For more information contact Wade at: 608-485-1491

New Listing:
100 Holstein Milk Cows, 97# tank average. (pictured below) For more information contact Wade Schoneck at: 715-562-0211 or 608-485-1491


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