Livestock Feeding Program

An innovative alternative to conventional financing of livestock raising!

Within the Livestock Feeding Program, Equity Livestock Credit Corporation buys and retains ownership of livestock placed with a feeder-producer. The feeder provides management, feed, equipment, facilities and labor to care for and raise the livestock. In turn, the feeder has no cash outlay in the livestock. At the completion of the feeding program, the producer receives the gross proceeds of the sale of the livestock, less amounts due Equity Livestock Credit Corporation. 


- Management ability to raise quality livestock 
- Quality feed in sufficient quantity 
- Appropriate feed lot and/or pasture facilities 
- Financial strength to support requested feeding operation

Once Approved

- A master contract is signed 
- Specific weights, grades, prices and availability of desired livestock are discussed 
- Livestock are bought and delivered to the feeder's facility 
- Feeder provides proper care in raising of livestock 
- Feeder and ELCC coordinate livestock marketing 
- Settlement is made following the sale of livestock- YOU GET PAID

Program Benefits

- No cash outlay for livestock purchase 
- Over 100 years of marketing expertise and systems 
- Access to price protection 
- Tailored to meet individual needs 

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